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Post  Scooby-Doo on Mon May 31, 2010 2:33 am

Doubutsu Mew Mew episode ~whatever it is, I lost track~

"Satou! Your boobs are getting squished against my back!" Nashi cried.

Perum snickered, and stood up. "Thank you! You just saved me!"

Nashi pushed Satou away. "You're all jerks!" she said with her tiny, pointy nose in the air. She picked up her coat, and her suitcases. "C'mon. Let's go get checked in, then..."

Perum stared at the lodge. "Wow... it's... HUGE!"

"Yeah! Like Satou's boobs!"

Nashi received a punch to the head, resulting in one of those pain-bumps.

Perum leaned forwards laughing.

Nashi held out her hand weakly for a high-five while Satou stalked off to get them checked in.

Perum high-fived her bff and hugged her around the neck playfully. "Let's get high on Hot chocolate, hai?"

"Hai! And give our throats burns while we do so!" Nashi punched the air, grinning, following Satou into the lodge.

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