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Name: Kozuki Ryoko/Mew Raspberry (Kiichigo for you weeaboo folx)
Age: 14
DNA: Human/Caspian Sea Wolf
Appearance: Shoulder length reddish-black hair, gray eyes. About 5'3, somewhere between thin and average. Her uniform is a gray, above-knee pleated dress with a half-jacket in the same shade of gray with a dark blue ribbon. With this she usually wears black knee socks and regulation school shoes. She sometimes pins her bangs to the side.
Mew Outfit: redesigning
Bio: The second mew to be discovered in her team. She was reluctant to join at first, but after the first battle, she lost all of that in favor of how fun it was. Recently, she's had another change of heart after seeing the destruction everything has caused. She's begun to think that the world will be doomed no matter what. That, or she's still bitter over Will's death...
Abilities: Able to track through smell, able to run at high speeds (on all fours). Also, sharp teeth.
Weapon: Raspberry Limit (an hourglass. it's an hourglass. with red sand.)
Attacks: Reborn Raspberry Eruption (The sand expands and breaks through the end of the hourglass as bits of lava. and BURNS YOU.)
Other: Really doesn't like Keiko.

Name: Renai Keiko/Mew Peach (Momo for you weeaboo folx)
Age: 14
DNA: Human/Pink Pidgeon (it exists google it)
Appearance: Long, wavy, pale blonde hair. Wide blue eyes. Flawless skin. Her uniform is a plain sailor-type with a yellow skirt and scarf and blue ribbons. She's shortened the shirt a few inches and manages to pull off a grade B zettai ryouiki. She's half-SOMETHING, by the way.
Mew Outfit: A pale pink sleeveless half top. It splits into two petal-like pieces that make up both sides. Along the edge are tiny little bells. She wears a matching mini-skirt with the same bells lining it. Also, matching knee-high leg warmers and pink high heels. Her hair takes on a pinkish tint to it and she now has whitish-pink wings sprouting from her back. And her eyes are a dull red.
Bio: Keiko is the stereotypical dumb rich blonde girl. We all know them. However, she lacks the bitchy trait, making her more of the ditz or the cloudcuckoolander. She was the third mew to be found, and was terrified and is still terrified of the monsters that keep popping up everywhere. She's also extremely boy-crazy, and is jealous of Kitsune for being Ryou's future wifey.
Abilities: She can fly. Sometimes. Well, no, it's more of a glide...
Weapon: Peach Rod (it's a pink and orange striped stick with a pink heart on the end.)
Attacks: Reborn Peach Pulse (pink hearts of LIGHT.)
Other: n/a

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