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The last light

Chapter one/:/ A light goes out

A laughter could be heard from miles away in the silent, dark forest. The sound lit up the entire forest at its loudest. The laugh belonged to a lovely, angelic maiden. As she walked through the forest the wind blew her shoulder length, blonde hair behind her, showing her diamond like blue eyes. Her skin was a peachy color, she had no pimples or freckles.

The dress she wore was a simple, loose, emerald green outfit. It has golden lace at the shoulders and no other design what-so-ever. On some people this dress may have looked ugly, but the girl's beauty flowed into the dress, making it as lovely and beautiful as her.

Most people thought of her as some sort of trick a witch casted on them. Men were drawn to her singing, as if she was a siren. Her swimming abilites were like a mermaids, but a bit better. Everything about her was just... how you could put it simply was just... perfect.

Yet how could a simple word explain an entire person? As if mean, lovely, perfect, and dazzling mean anything! All they are are simple sounds formed by one's mouth. But those sounds have many different effects don't they? Almost the same effect as an action. But who ever thinks about this really? See, even author's don't manage to weave enough words together to explain their own characters! How is an average person, not gifted with words, be able to manage enough put together sounds to explain a person? But this doesn't really have anything to do with this story .. Does it? Either way let's get back to where we started.

A loud, terrifying sound broke the silence as the girl took a breathe before another laugh. The noise was a simple, yet effective beat. If one listened closely they could tell is was the sounds of a horse running through the forest. The girl listened and her thin, ruby red lips formed into a heart breaking smiling. The horse pulled to a stop and the girl smiled and softly whispered "--Rubin I've missed you.--" This was dirrected to the tall black cloaked figure on the horse. "--I'm sorry Roselina..." The man thrusted forward his long, black blade. The maiden's face twisted into a cold, evil glare. She danced out of the way of the blade easily, as if it were a child's game they were playing. She grabbed the handel of the sword as he began to make another large swing.

The girl's perfection lived up to it's name. Using her strengh, she pulled the sword out of the man's hands. She hit him over the head with the handel, leaving him unconsious. With one last look, the now changed girl ran from the scene.

As she ran, the forest became dark and silent again. Her blonde hair went long and midnight black, whipping with the wind. Her peachy skin went ghostly pale, making her ruby red lips look simply terrifying. Then somehow magically her long green dress when dark purple, with black lace coiling at the neck, pulling it together. The most horrible part of the tranformation began, the now scary maiden's eyes went soft red. This last change put out the light of one of the few left. Then hundreds of lights went out after, leaving one last light. This is what happens when imperfection meets perfection. Or so, the lengends goes. Who is this last light? Will they save all the lights in grasp? Who knows... all you can do is gasp and follow the tale.

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