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How I met HIM Empty How I met HIM

Post  LaBohemien on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:03 pm

It was a new week, in January. Around the end of the middle of it. It was a Monday, in Week 2, Day 2. I was going down the stairs towards the Grade 8 hallway- where most of the Grade 8 lockers were. I was with Claire, Kayla, and Oksana- we were all talking. Oh, and there was Nicole, too. Who cares about her, though. That weekend, my grandparents had just arrived from France. It was the same weekend that I began to watch Star Wars. I wanted to give it a try, what stopped me? By Sunday, I had watched up to the middle of the fifth. Or was it the fourth? I don't remember. But, that much in, and I had a wild urge and felt tons of excitement from the series. It was so cool! And exciting! Also, the main character was.... rather attractive. More like- well, very attractive!
So. On with the story. I was going down the stairs when something extraordinary happened- I saw HIM. It was a quick glance, but that was all it needed. A guy, in 8th grade, was going down the stairs with his nerd of a friend who had a lisp and with talking calmly, with a small smile on his face. The way his blond hair parted, and his eyes, I couldn't help it. Once I reached the hallway, I turned to my friends- "DID YOU SEE HIM?! Oh my GOD! He- he- He looked JUST like Luke Skywalker!"
My friends stared at me. "Who?"
"That guy- with the blond hair... and, he... uhh..." I frowned. I looked up, he was already at the top of the staircase, and gone he went.
"What's his name, Justine?"
"He's-- Oh my gosh, I don't know his name!" But my heart was beating faster and faster. He was so PRETTY!
"Well, umm isn't Luke Skywalker from Star Wars or something?"
"YES! I was watching it this weekend, and he looks JUST like him! LET'S GO FOLLOW HIM! I NEED TO SHOW YOU GUYS!"
But, unfortunately, the bell rang.

Luckily, at lunch, we found him, and I pointed. "So, who is he?" I whispered to Claire. I don't know where Oksana is- she's hanging out with Nicole, I think. This was when we were all friends with her. ... Bitch. And Kayla... where was Kayla? Claire brought her fingers to her chin. "I think he's in my Science class..."
"You THINK? You don't know yet who's in your science class?!" I snapped.
"It's not like that! Tell me, do you know everybody's name in your English class?"
I didn't answer. There were those three guys in the middle of the class... What were their names?
"Exactly. I don't exactly SPEAK to him!"
"Well, promise me you'll know by the end of the week."
"Yep, I promise."

And so, by the end of the week, I knew his name-- Devin. What a nice name... But I imagined something more fitting- like... Luke, or Mark, or something. Haha. The next week, I found out he was in jazz band, and he always skipped it.

By now though, by April 28, 2010, 9:14 PM, I know all this about him:
-He loves dogs, as he has one called Scruffy.
-He likes hockey.
-He goes to jazz band, and he usually skips it.
-He plays the trumpet, and is one of the better trumpet players.
-His best friend is this guy who has a lisp and apparently tries to be a "flirt".
-His best friend's name rhymes with his.
-His best friend used to go out with Oksana. (HAHAH. That's funny. I laughed when I found this news out. Too bad they don't go out anymore, though...)
-He's extremely smart, having honor roll with distinction.
-He has a boat.
-He knows how to ride horses. Sort of. I was stalking his facebook and saw this.
-He has this shiny silver jacket that's really attractive and fits him well, and it makes him look more like Luke Skywalker.
-He constantly appears in my dreams.
-He's really calm, and isn't a player.
-He's a nerd. Kind of.
-For some reason, so does his best friend. Who ends up dying or spontaneously combusting or something.
-Where Devin ends up about to kiss me but then my alarm goes off.
-His house is this yellowish house with large bushes around it, and it has this balcony and underneath there's occasionally this car and there's this other car with a boat attached to it with a giant cover on it.
-He walks to school.
-He lives by the school.
-I know where he lives.


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How I met HIM Empty Re: How I met HIM

Post  3lroy on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:39 pm

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