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Post  LaBohemien on Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:53 am

I'm making a story about a guy who was in a huge accident, and has just been in a coma for a year. It was a miracle he's survived, and it's only because of a special medicine that's never been tested, and it's supposed to speed up the healing process and keep the heart beating, and stimulate the brain's cells to keep the body functioning. Only, because of unknown purposes (later figured out in the story), he's been in a coma for a year. And he wakes up. Only, after a bit of time, strange things will be happening. It's pretty much a mix of sci-fi/spy/action/adventure/romance/comedy/crap/thing/cliche/yeah.

So... Here it is~


The morning I woke up in that white hospital bed, I knew I was only alive because of some miracle. It's a really confusing feeling, but I guess that's what everyone feels when they wake up a year later. Somehow I remember what happened. What made me end up so close to dying. Vaguely, but still, it's there. It scares me, too. It really does. And when the doctors told me what they did, how they used an untested new medication that's supposed to speed up the healing process of a massive injury, AND cause the human body to be slightly harder to kill, I kind of lost my head. Not about how amazing it is- whoever invented it is amazing. Seriously, his IQ must be somewhere in the hundreds. But to use something this big on a human for the first time- untested, well, that kind of freaked me out. But apparently the only side effect I had was snoozing for a year. So, I guess that settles that.

When they told me I'd been asleep for around 360 days, I jumped out of bed in absolute shock and began swearing. But there were all these wires on me, running down into this robe I was wearing, where the back had this huge slit down it, so technically if I bent down, I would be mooning all these nurses and doctors. And, let me tell you one thing. If you ever end up in a coma for a long time, don't EVER jump out of bed. Because, you'll end up passing out because of all the blood suddenly moving faster, and since you've been lying down for so long. Which is what I did. Pass out. I would have fallen back on the bed, though, because of the robe thing. So either way I was content. Theoretically.

Afterwards, the second time I woke up, I was a bit more cautious. They answered my questions, if this healing medicine they used worked, if I was healed, and apparently I was good. Good to go.

"Good to go? As in, go-go?" I asked who I thought was the main doctor. I don't mean to offend anyone, but he seemed the smartest in the room.



This time, when I sat up, I did it really, really slowly, and leaned against the wall for support. My legs were really wobbly. Many hands reached out for me, which was good, if I was going to pass out again.

"Only... could you wait for morning? It's a bit early..." The 'main doctor' said with a smile.

"Wait... what?" I questioned him, with my head tilted to one side.

"I'm sure everyone is fast asleep. It's three in the morning."

Now I was really confused. "But you just need to show me the way, and I'll be off. Of course, a nurse could come or something, in case I collapse again."

They all raised their eyebrows. "Alone? Oh no, you'll have to be picked up. Besides, we may need to do a few more tests before you leave."
"Umm, can't they wait for after? I REALLY need to use the bathroom."

They all exchanged nervous glances, then turned back to me smiling. "We meant that you are able to go home. But yes, you can go to the washroom."

My voice caught in my throat and I suddenly felt really nervous. "Wait- that soon?"

"Yes, Jeremy. We've known you were to wake up for a few days, so we've decided to fill in most of the tests, and you'll most likely be gone by tomorrow afternoon."

Well, I guess they really wanted to get rid of me. But wow... so soon. I didn't really know what to say about that, so I just nodded. Right now I just focused on not letting it all out.

Eventually, I was in the bathroom, and I was able to knowingly go for the first time in a year. As I sat in the stall, I thought. Just thought. About this all. I was leaving in a bit more than a day after spending a year in a bed. I certainly felt weaker. I mean, I was a pretty fast runner back at my school, and I'm pretty sure I was tall. But now, my legs are so thin. It was kind of gross, to be honest. But, I could still walk, which was good.

Once I was done going, I was lead back to my room, where I spent the day eating this corn stew which I found a piece of soggy bread in, staring through the room, and watching the people sleeping in the other beds. There was this old woman who had gotten a heart attack, and she didn't have any teeth. I talked a bit with her, but she was really boring, and kept going on about all these cats she's owned. Apparently she's had about forty-something, and each one had a way of dying, or disappearing. Once of them had disappeared by being abducted by aliens. Eventually I lost interest in her, too. And it was only one pm. I still had a few hours to go. If only they a few games around here- not the gross ones covered in kid drool.

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