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Post  LaBohemien on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:35 am

Don't know the title yet. But...

Just a few months ago I lived in some apartment in the middle of this construction zone where every morning there would be drowning spiders in my toilet, and the floor squeaked when you stepped on it. But it all changed when I was was placed into the top stage in the top secret agency. I mean, I didn't know saving a person from certain death could give your job a promotion. But, it might have been because of the way I stopped the crook from running off. I have to say, when I look on the news channel, I DID look really cool. But yeah, I got a promotion from some low-pay crook to getting a pretty cool mission. Even though I was just the assistant. I still got to assist. Yeah. But, after every mission, according to the director, you kind of have to write records on what happened. Detail by detail.

So... here it is.

I didn't know when the mission would begin. I didn't even know what it was about. I mean, nobody tells me this stuff! Here I am, stuck inside my apartment, waiting for somebody to call me or at least CONTACT me about this stupid mission. I mean, here I am, stuck at home doing nothing. They told me to stay at home and not bother coming to work until they get some minor things planned out. So technically, I just had to live my old life without worrying about work and money.
One morning, I woke up to a usual boring day. I got out of bed. Ate breakfast. Brushed my teeth. Attempted to brush my hair. Cleaned my thick glasses. Put on a gray sweater and plain old jeans. Same old stuff. Of course, I always try to put in a bit of cleaning in my old apartment. But everything is so cheap- I destroyed the carpet by trying to vacuum it every week, now I only do it once a month to avoid more damage. Then, the walls are so thin that when my brother came to visit he fell and his elbow went right through one of the walls. I never got that hole fixed. So whenever I'm in the kitchen, I can see through to my bedroom. Anyways, that morning, as I was cleaning the couch, I turned around, and had the biggest fright ever. Don't ask me how they got in- I just turn around and there are these two very big guys who are wearing tinted sunglasses and black tuxedos. Also, they had huge chests. One of them, who had curly black hair that was pressed against his forehead took my arm.
"Whoah- who the heck are you two?"
The other one, who had a buzz cut grabbed my other arm. In unision, they both took out two golden F.B.I. badges and shoved them into my face. "Violet Rickson?" the dark one asked me in a monotone voice. I nodded really quickly. I bet my eyes were as wide as golf-balls, and when I looked up at the dark one's face, I could see my reflection in his sunglasses. I looked like a mouse with my huge glasses. Plus, they were lopsided. The glasses were.
Immediately, the two men dragged me out of my apartment and closed the door behind them. They pulled me into the elevator, and lifted me up onto my feet. The doors closed, and that annoying music came on. I stared at the floor with with my hands cupped together, and tried to act normal. But then, I realized we weren't going down. We were going UP. And soon enough, we arrived at the top floor, stepped out of the elevator, and then we somehow got up onto the roof.
But that's not what's weird. What's weird is how there was a jet on the roof of my apartment building. A JET. And before I knew it, I was pushed into the jet, and then we were flying off to who-knows-where.
"How many times am I g-going to have to a-ask? Who are you guys?" I kept stuttering because I was pretty scared. I mean, I could being flown to Antarctica and held for ransom, for all I know!
Suddenly, some tall gray-haired man entered the small room from the pilot's room. He had warm eyes, and a very kind smile. And he still had his hair, unlike the two bulky men on both sides of me. "Welcome, Agent Rickson." It was then that I realized that my mission had finally begun.

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Post  Anime_Amanda_ on Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:43 pm

For the later paragraphs- Some people like two spaces between each paragraph for more oraganization.

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