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Post  CherrySama on Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:07 pm

Here is Amai. She's probably one of my all purpose characters. X3

Name: Amai Kazeuta (Sweet Windsong)

Gender: Female

Age: Around 13 years old.

Personality: Bold when needed to be, resereved, quiet, quick thinking, can be rather cold around those she doesn't know.

Appearance: Pale skin, wheat colored hair, leaf-green eyes. Her face is heart shaped. Her nose is too large, and her eyebrows are rather thin. She is shorter than average, and rather scrawny.

Outfit: Most of the time, she just wears her school uniform around the place. But when out of school, she wears it with a pair of navy colored converses. Her formal dress is light blue.

Relationships: She lives with her father. Mother is divorced and living in America. Has a crush on that somone. =3

Theme Song: Untouched by The Veronicas. (Haha, got it before you Serenity. 8D)


Enjoys reading.

Her iPod shuffle is blue.

Her favorite animes are The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Rozen Maiden

Wants to open a bakery someday.

Cosplays as Haruhi Suzumiya (X3, I know.)

And she plays the cello. XD

And when we're roleplaying as Tokyo Mew Mew, here is her Mew information. =3

Mew Name: Mew Sugar

Animal Genes: A snow fox.

Looks As A Mew: Light blue hair, sorta Hatsune Miku looking, with matching blue eyes. She goes even more paler as a mew. XD She also grows two inches taller as a mew, without the boots.

Outfit: The main color scheme is blue, and white. Her outfit includes a top like Zakuro's (In blue and white of course) with a pair of shorts, and a skirt covering it. Her boots and gloves are styled after Ichigo's. She has a white bow with a bell tied around her waist.

Waitress Dress Color: Light Blue

Weapon: Sugar Arrow. A Medieval like arrow with designs of foxes and hearts carved into it.

Attack: Ribbon Sugar Storm. Lots of blue and white light is shot at the enemy. XD Every once in a while, it has the power to heal. X3

If we're roleplaying gifted, she has control over sound waves.


Lulz, Characters =D Fox-1
This is Amai. =3

Lulz, Characters =D Yhst-10922164031781_1935_23383671

This is her formal dress, with matching high heals.

Lulz, Characters =D Haruhi-Suzumiya_

Aaand this is her cosplay. X3

Feel free to rate her. =3

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